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Pacific Edge's Bungalows Bring Laguna to Life

The Pacific Edge Hotel knows how to throw a shindig.  And their events work as well as they do because they keep things simple, light, and Laguna.  They excel at stepping back and letting the adjacent Pacific Ocean, the breezes coming off the water, the clear blue sky, and the setting sun do the talking.  So when I arrive to the hotel last Thursday to check out the launch of the newly renovated beachfront hangout spaces known as The Bungalows, I know what awaits me, and that knowledge makes me happy.

The outdoor space where the event is taking place is replete with food and drink stations along with plenty of people, but it never feels overcrowded.  I’m not sure how they pull this trick off, but whatever magic that they use to accomplish this works every time.  And as cool as it is to chill outside with a couple of sliders and a cocktail, it’s even cooler to explore The Bungalows and all the goodness they have to offer.  There are five in total; all sponsored by local companies and groups that seem to touch on the different facets of the Laguna Beach lifestyle.   Each are reserved for day use from 11:00 AM until 8:00 PM and carry their own distinctive vibe, ranging from rustic tropical relaxation to smartly appointed beach house, essentially earning the spaces a genuine “something for everyone” distinction. 

I get to vote for which of the five bungalows is my favorite, along with everyone else in attendance.  And while I won’t tell you who I voted for – that would be gauche – I will tell you that the bright, colorful bungalow sponsored by Hobie and Tuvalu beat out the bungalows sponsored by Billabong, Fox Head Inc., The Sleepy Hollow Group, and gorjana & griffin.  I will also tell you that regardless of who won, if you go spend a day at The Bungalows, you can’t lose. 

Photo:  The team behind the winning Bungalow, sponsored by Hobie and Tuvalu (L to R: Wendy Grand Pre, Susan Alter, Hobie Alter Sr., Laurie Alter, Dick Metz, and Jeff Alter) (Photo courtesy Pacific Edge Hotel)

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